Wednesday, July 31, 2013

She's Back.............

Hey hey hey!!!
Guess who's back in stock!!

Y'all, she is everything I hoped and more! The colors and the fit are magical!! I can not wait for family pictures!!!
(It's very long, I am going to have to have it taken up or wear really high heels ;)

The sizes sold out like wild fire last time! So I thought I would give you all a heads up in case you missed your size.
  (Nordstrom again nicely sent me an email letting me know this info, maybe they forgot I had already purchased it ha)!
Here is another shot and the back of the dress.

(ps dillards has this dress online as well, and they have all sizes in stock).

See you guys on Friday! I am off to get my terrible roots highlighted, so don't judge the bad hair in these pictures ;)

What I want Wednesday......

My O my do I have some good wants for you today! I actually had to cut a few from my list, didn't want to get y'all in trouble with the credit card or myself for that matter ;)

I just cant get enough of my new Ella Moss dress. Sadly it sold out, but no worries I found another one on sale that I thinks just as pretty. Plus this one, just like my other, is lined in a full length cotton  tank dress. Can we talk about comfort and style all at once. 
I suggest sizing down one size in this dress.

I picture this with my new skinny jeans and booties. Or, right now with white shorts and sandals. Such a great versatile top. Plus those little gold buttons on the shoulders are pretty much perfection.
(Use code STYLE40 and get this baby for $21.00)
How amazing are these booties? I have been searching for the perfect pair of neutral booties. Search is over friends. I've heard so many wonderful things about this brand and the price point is insane good. Like $79.95 for these booties!

 I love a good shift for the summer and into the fall. The green and the navy are just beautiful together. I adore the way the model has it paired with heels, but I think high boots and a blazer would look equally as amazing.

Get it Lilly! I mean can we talk about how gorgeous this blouse is? Not only does it have all my favorite colors in it, the sleeve hits in the perfect spot. May just be one of my favorites of hers yet!

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Back to school........

I know you guys have been getting all those catalogs in the mail. Go head and say you don't smile at the thought of school starting back. If you just rolled your eyes and said, "no way I love having my kids home with me 24-7" then I am calling your bluff or just calling you crazy!! 

Either way I think the stuff is pretty cute this year! I mean besides the fact I want to drop- kick Pottery Barn Kids for including Spider-man and Star Wars in their book bag collection. Try explaining to an almost 5 year old that the damn dinosaur is cooler that a superhero. Don't worry I did try and I won that battle.
 (Not really I bribed him with new spider man pjs in trade for the cute backpack).

Here are my picks for back to school MMO for Taylor and Carson. Tell me I am not the only mama who surfs the internet looking for all the fun and cool stuff to buy their kids for back to school?
(yes baby Taylor goes to mmo, that girl is way too social busy to stay home with me all day).
All above images can be found at Pottery Barn Kids.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Our Weekend..........

It was kid free enough said right? 

No really, it was very laid back. Todd pretty much did yard work the entire day Saturday. Sounds fun doesn't it :) It was  just one of those things we knew we couldn't put off any longer. Glad it's done and glad its over. I on the other hand had the chance to get a little shopping in while all that was taking place. 

I found the most amazing Joe's jeans ever!!! I am not even kidding when I say they are the most comfortable and flattering jeans I own. For all my shorties the "ankle" fits more like a true skinny full length. Which I can never find being 5'2. So I was so happy when I found these. 

(yes I shamelessly took butt shots for y'all, cause after all it the most important fit of the jean). 

I also snagged up these Sam Edelman sandals! How hot are these? I bet they are going to sound even hotter when I tell you they are on sale right now for $50.00! 

 Back to our weekend. After all the yard work and shopping we fancied up for dinner. We had reservations with some friends at The Macintosh. I was way too busy stuffing my face at dinner to take any pictures, but I did manage you get one of the desert. OMG amazing!

On Sunday we slept in!! I think I need to repeat that for my sake, because it never happens anymore! Todd went solo to pick up the kids while I grocery shopped for the week. I returned home earlier than I expected and had about 30 minutes of quiet time all to myself. I fixed a big cup of coffee and flipped through my new magazine. Ahh the little things.

Friday, July 26, 2013

5 on Friday!!!

1) Getting to hold a snuggly newborn baby. Is there anything better than a newborn? Look how happy Taylor is about the situation, she loves a baby too. Yeah right, she wanted that baby out of my arms about 5 minutes later. Nobody but Miss Tay Tay gets mamas undivided attention ha!

2) To hosting playgroup twice this week! So fun watching all the little ones have a blast while us mamas enjoy a glass of vino and chat away ;) Don't know what I would do without these ladies! Love them all so much!

3) The fabulous Nordstom Anniversary Sale! To me this was the best one yet! I made out like a bandit, and we are all set for fall! I love feeling ahead of the game and getting a good deal ;)

4) To having talented friends! I mean really, watch this video and tell me this isn't real talent? Yeah this is what we do at playgroup, don't judge ;) Now ladies remember this all happened at my house first when y'all become famous ;)

5) Last to these two sweet faces leaving me for the weekend. I mean not going to lie half the time they drive me bat crazy, but goodness I am going to miss them. They are going to stay with Mimi and Papa for the weekend, and I know they will have so much fun! Plus Todd and I are really excited to have a weekend to ourselves. We plan to go to the movies, out to dinner with friends, and do some much needed yard work. O yeah and sleep in....ahh cant wait!

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Must make recipes.........

So I have been trying really hard to find my inner chef. I really do enjoying cooking, but too many ingredients stresses me out. But we all know the ones with the more ingredients usually taste the best. I have decided to challenge myself and cook one "out of my comfort zone" meals once a week. I know this will make Todd happy, and it will give a new confidence in the kitchen. Now,when we invite guest over for dinner I will hopefully have more than a three go to meals.

Here are a few recipes I have been dying to try. Wish me luck, and please share if you have some knock your socks off dishes for me! Cookbook recommendations are wanted too!

So dish, what's new you been cooking lately?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What I want Wednesday............dress edition

So I feel like I have been talking most of the week about fashion, and all things fashion that I want. There are just so many goodies on major sale right now I just cant help myself! So lets have one more go at it today :) I promise tomorrow we cant chat about something other than dresses ;)
(Note all below items are from the Shopbop sale, and it ends today). 

I have been eyeing this dress for a while now. I love the neckline and the colors. Know what I love more than that though? It's only $84.00 right now at the Shopbop Sale
(don't forget to enter SALE 25 at checkout)

I normally never wear dresses like this. I am not sure why, because I have seen some girls in them lately and they look so good. I was at a wedding recently and a girl had on a dress very similar this one. I thought it showed her curves off so well, while still looking very classy.
  (those boots on the other hand they gotta go)

Have you ever had a three dots anything? Well if you have you know how soft and comfy her clothes are. I love the pink and the stripes on this maxi. 
(at $67.00 it's hard to pass up)

Rachel Pally tad dress
I am pretty sure I had most of you at Rachel Pally on sale. If not, lets chat about the the stunning top of this dress? I mean hello gorgeous! That waistline in right on point too, you know the kind that makes you look super skinny ;)
(Okay if all that chatter wasn't enough today you can grab her for $71.40)

 This may be my favorite dress of them all! That pink is everything! I love how its revealing but not too revealing. I could see myself wearing this to an upcoming wedding, or if I was feeling really spicy maybe date night? It's just all around beautiful in my book!
(As if all these amazing price's weren't enough, shopbop always offers free shipping, returns and no sales tax)

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Alert!! Get it now.....

Okay I have never done two post in one day, but today we had to make an exception! While browsing the Shopbop sale I found this gorgeous, amazing.....wait for it.........

Can you believe I just snagged this baby for $89.00. That never ever happens to me. Because they never have my size when the deal is this great! I had to go ahead and let y'all know because they only have a small and x-small left. Good news I think Ella Moss runs a tad on the big size so I got the XS. Now go get you one before it sales out! 

How insane is the back of this dress?

My picks for baby and me....

So I know I've already told y'all about the awesome Nordstrom Anniversary sale going on right now. But it wasn't until Monday that I actually had time to go through it all, and see what we couldn't live without for fall.  I know it's so hard to even think about fall with it being hot as hell outside! But I sat down and made myself, because I know these prices wont last long, and the reality is fall is not far away! Plus umm North Face never goes on sale and my babies have no jackets for the coming season. And I could not possibly pass up mini Joe's for $28.00!!

Here are my picks for my family. Well except poor Todd, I didn't have time to browse the men's section. Sorry hun!

For Me:

For Taylor:

For Carson:

Monday, July 22, 2013

The Weekend.....

Let's start off with the Hewitt's diet this weekend. I mean we had some really amazing food, and this is just what I actually remembered to take pictures of.

Friday night was our usual Freshfeild night! We did decide the next time we go Taylor will stay home. As much fun as it out there,it's exhausting for who ever has Taylor duty. The girl just runs the entire time. Well except when I can hold her down for a quick picture.

On Saturday we had some friends come over for dinner. I was too busy talking and cooking to remember to snap one picture :( I hate when I do that.  Anywho Todd grilled up filet and I made The Pioneer Womans mushroom sauce. It was so, so good! We also had the corn salad that I blogged about earlier this summer. Natalie reassured me it was amazing, and believe me she was not lying! I know this picture looks a little gross, but it was after we had eaten and it had been sitting for a little while.

How pretty are these roses I picked up from the Harris Teeter? I loved the light mix between pink and purple, not sure I've ever seen this color before?

Sunday may have been the laziest day we have had in years. I literately stayed in my pajamas all day. I actually showered and put new pajamas right back on. We hung out in the yard for the first half of the morning, played board games, and watched movies the rest of the day. It was so nice not being rushed and having nowhere to go.

Friday, July 19, 2013

5 On Friday

1) We had an awesome pool/playdate this week at the Country Club of Charleston! Holy beautiful neighborhood batman, this place was defiantly the stuff of dreams. How I have lived in Charleston for 6 years and didn't know this place existed is still a mystery to me? The fountain beside the pool was a huge hit with my kiddos!

2) The Insanely gorgeous new arrivals by Collective Concepts at Nordstrom!! O yeah and in case you didn't already know the Nordstrom anniversary sale starts today!!!! So may great things I am dying to snatch up!!

3) Having some one on one time with my little man this week. We went on a movie date and saw Monsters University. It was such a cute movie, and I loved it being just the two of us. We ate popcorn, m&ms, and drank cherry coke. He still likes to sit in my lap,(he's scared the chair will flip him out) and regardless of the reason it still melts my heart!

4) The early mornings not being too hot outside! While Taylor was taking her morning cat nap, Carson and I played on the deck. Well he played and I sat and drank coffee. I may have also convinced him it was cool to take 20+ pictures of mom until we got a decent one ;) Not bad for a little guy.

5) Last but far from least my Taylor's new Tory Burch tote I snagged up from their killer sale they have going on right now! Save an extra 20% off all sale with the code EXTRA20. Taylor was in desperate need of a new diaper stylish bag. So when I saw the color was fuchsia, it had side pockets, and was on major sale I knew it was meant to be!
  (Those side pockets are everything.Perfect for bottles, sippy cups, and my phone of course).