Friday, June 7, 2013

Thoughts on Friday....

*You guys have any big weekend plans? We have a couple of fun things, that is pending this crazy weather!

*  Remember this dress I blogged about a few weeks ago? Well it came in, and it's even more amazing in person. Maybe the most comfortable maxi I own to date.

Speaking of comfortable, these wedges are just that! No really I wore them all last weekend for hours dancing the night away, and no sore feet. Plus I think they are equally as pretty as they are comfortable! (the color I have on are the sander)

*I can not stop thinking about how amazing this corn salad looks! I am thinking we may have to try it this weekend.

* My girl Natalie told me about this really cool kids site called Citrus Lane . I immediately knew Carson would love this, so I signed him right up! How it works is: You choose the age and the sex of the child, they pick out some really cool stuff tailored to that age and gender, and surprise you get a box every month! Carson loves getting surprises in the mail, and lets me honest so do I. I say it's a win win! Even better if you sign up through this link you get $10.00 off you order. So $15.00 for your first box!!! (good thing is, if this isn't for you after the first month, you can cancel at anytime).

*On Sunday Todd and I are going on a date. It's been way too long. We are going old school and doing dinner and a movie. I am being a good wife and going to see the Hangover 3. Truth is I want to see it as much as he does, these movies always crack me up).

Xoxo Happy Weekend!!!!