Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Getting Organized............

All of a sudden I am having a crazy itch to reorganize all the rooms in my house. It's actually making me anxious just writing this out right now. I feel so much better when things are cleaned out, and look neat. Now if only I could find the time or the motivation I need to make this happen. The problem is I like it all done at the same time. You know like when you have your house cleaned, you want your car cleaned, so it's all done and you can wallow in the glory of all of it being complete at once. Okay maybe that just me and my quirkiness? I told my husband next week I am stealing someones adderall, and sending the kids to the pool with the sitter, and it's going to be on like donkey kong! I will let you know if it really happens, and of course I'll take pictures to prove it. But for now lets close our eyes and pretend these amazing organized spaces are all ours.

So if you have any secrets to motivate me, please share!!!