Friday, June 21, 2013

Friday's Confessions............

* My babies get up at the crack of dawn every freaking morning!! It straight up drives me crazy! 6:30 would be late for them. Taylor thinks early mornings are great! #ithinkitsucks

* I had to take my mother ------ car into to get fixed again! Best part the 1000+ front shock that has to be fixed isn't covered under that lovely must have warranty they sold me. I could always go big pimping style and rock one side of my car leaning to the ground. Kinda like a half low rider. On another note Taylor loved playing in the mini car at the dealership. No joke that shit was broke too. #shouldhavekeptmynissan

* If we have to go low rider style I will most definitely dress Carson in this outfit! #pimpingainteasy 

* Like promised, I went to town and organized every drawer, closet, and cabinet in my house. I must say it feels so good. #everythingfeelsonew

* Last my diet this week has been insane sick , and not in a good way! I have had fast food on the way home for dinner 4 out of 5 nights. And I am not talking fast food salads either. I am talking burgers, fries, chicken fingers, and tacos. It was so good, but I've got to nip that in the bud right now. #myasswillswellagain 

On that note I am still happy it's Friday and cant wait to enjoy good friends and the beach this weekend!!! 

Kiss kiss loves!