Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Date Night......

So Todd and I have officially decided to bring date night back to the Hewitt house. From the time Carson was 6 weeks old we've had a sitter and Todd and I have been on a weekly date. Not real sure what happened after Taylor was born, but our dates have pretty much ceased to exist. So happy we are going to have this time back, just the two of us. I am excited to get to pick a fun movie, a new restaurant, or even just a Target run. It's something that breaks up our crazy week and gives us the one on one time baby/kid free.

Fancy Dinner

Fun Movie

Target Run

Do you and husband/significant other do date night?


  1. Cute outfits! Those first patent pumps are a must! We try to do a weekly date night too!!!

  2. Cute outfits :) Girl, get your date on! We try to go out once a week, but with lining up child care and work schedules it's hard - so I try to do date night at home. The rule is no computer/phones though - just us making dinner/ordering in and then throwing in a movie after our son goes to bed.

  3. Having that "alone time" and "date night" is so important! I'm happy you're bring it back. I love all of these outfits. Longchamp bags are my favorite. I've used mine for over 3 years.. I am thinking it is time for a new one. The first dress would be a perfect versatile dress for fancy dinners or weddings this time of year.


  4. Cute outfits!!! You have such classic style with a cute twist!

  5. Love the 3rd outfit and I only use Longchamp,upgraded to the large size since kids, someday I'll revert to beautiful, leather handbags :-( We do a monthly date night out with a sitter, and when hubby isn't traveling, we do a couch date night with dinner and whichever tv series we are watching, like right now is Revenge and The Killing. I also have a sitter once/week during the day so that I can get out without the kids and run errands-it's been my saving grace since baby #2!

  6. I wish we got out for dates more, but it never seems to happen often enough! :(

    We're supposed to be going to a movie soon but we have to agree on one first!

    Those outfits are SO pretty!