Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Baby Girl Styling.................

So I have just become very smitten with Nordstrom lately. I mean really free shipping and free returns? Plus they have had stuff to die for as of lately. I have been adding to Taylor's never ending growing closet. I just cant help myself, plus the prices are great too. 

Case and point................

So tell me where is your favorite place to shop for baby?


  1. Well now I want to go order a bunch of girl stuff from Nordstrom and I am not even sure I am having a girl. Cute stuff!

  2. Super cute stuff! Nordstrom's is a wonderful company to purchase from - they have great customer service too..not to mention a little bit of everything for the whole family ;)

  3. Love Nordstrom! I just got those Toms!


  4. Just got those exact TOMS for my daughter and they are super cute!! All of that stuff is as a matter of fact! :)

  5. I love Nordstrom. My daughter is almost 8 now, so we're out of the really sweet smocking, etc. She's a crewcuts and Lilly P. lover. I think I need to teach her about bargain hunting!