Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Your Sunday best............

So Todd and I have decided to get back into church. There is no excuse as to why it has taken us this long. The point is I am excited to get back into it, and get my precious babies back into it.

Now the problem: as contemporaneity as the church is we attend, I think most some of my dresses are still a little too short or boobalishious :) 

Not to worry though, I have found a new very affordable website that is surely going to help me stock up my Sunday church wardrobe. 

Wanna see what I am adding to my cart? Want to know something even better about the below dresses that I am adding to my cart?? They are all under $50.00! Yep you're welcome!

PS There are still a few workout tops left from yesterdays sale!


  1. Yay for church it is such a good feeling afterwards. I def need new church clothes I have like 6 dresses I alternate between.

  2. Yay! That's a great goal! We need to get back too. We haven't been since Ivey was born. Yikes. Shameful.

  3. Love these dresses! Awesome website!