Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday's brain dump..........

*This short week has really messed me up! I've been a day off everyday.

*I have almost made it through my first week of summer with the kids. We have had friends over daily, and really it makes it so much more fun! 

* I just ordered this dress from Nordstrom. Get this, I ordered it from the juniors department! $58.00 and free shipping bring it on coral tie dye!

* I am heading out of town @ lunch time on Friday for a weekend bachlorette party! Hot diggty dog I am excited! I will be living it up with all my old high-school girls! We plan to lay out, dine out, and I am pretty sure knowing this crowd, we will be dancing it up all night! 

Cant wait to sit on the beach kid free with one of these in hand.

*Today I have a sitter. No real plans though besides the gym. Thinking I may go pick up some pretty flowers. This deck is just dreamy, and has me wanting more flowers around outside!

Happy Thursday!


  1. That picture trips me out, I love that Sterling is in his undies! I am telling you summer won't be too bad! Enjoy your sitter!

  2. Have fun today and a blast this weekend!!! We need to coordinate one of our sitter days together! I must order that dress! So stinking cute and perfect for summer days!!!

  3. That deck IS dreamy! Wanting something similar. But maybe, like you, I'll just start with flowers ;)