Thursday, April 18, 2013

Thursday's Thoughts........

I have no patience for anything! As soon as Taylor's stroller arrived at our door last night I tore that sucker open and was wheeling it around.  (while my baby was sleeping may I add). It was like a real stroller only miniature, I question who I had my mom buy it for? None the less she loved it!

I have been on a shopping spree lately y'all! You ladies know I like a good deal though, so I haven't been breaking the bank. Here are a few items I snagged up this week. I just realized this was a cover-up and not a dress......oops!
Knit tunic dress (and extra 30%off with code SPRINGTHAW)

These purty flip flops. because.... a) they were 20% off(last day to save) b) the reviews were stellar c) they were said to make my size 6 wide foot look slim. I will report back and confirm c.

I made ValSoCal bean salad yesterday, I can not stop eating it. It's kinda of disturbing how much I love beans.

We have no big plans this weekend except for Carson's tball game. Think we may pack the babies up on Sunday and head to the beach. Anyone reading this that lives local feel free to hit me up to hang out ;)

Well that was enough random for Thursday right?


  1. LOVE that dress/cover up!! YOu look FABULOUS!I picked up some TB flip flips at the Shopbop sale too:)

  2. Love everything you got, especially that stroller! Eek! The weather doesn't look very beachy at all this weekend. :( Cold and rainy. The strawberry festival is going on in Boone Hall this weekend!

  3. Boo for the rain coming this weekend!! We are totally going to the Boone Hall Strawberry Festival on Sunday when it clears up!

  4. I love the cover up and would wear it as a dress for sure! the stroller is precious, you will never be disappointed with PBK

  5. I love your dress and I love that you loved the bean salad =) I'm hungry just thinking about it.