Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Thoughts On Tuesday.......

This past weekend Carson attended his first wedding. He was in heaven the entire time. The only kid there= lots of attention! He was such a good boy, and his favorite part was dancing with the princess aka the bride.

A few of you asked about the dress I wore. Sadly it's a Lilly from last year ;(

But here it is in the same cut and style in this fabulous pink color! Think I need to make her mine too. Seriously one of the most flattering styles Lilly makes.

I am loving this weather!!! It makes me giddy just to walk outside! It also makes me want to shop! I am so ready to bust out all my new spring clothes. I am also ready to sit poolside in my new bikinis I just ordered!
Let me know if you aren't sick of the bikini pictures, and I will be sure the post some when they come in! (You cant beat Victoria Secret pricing, plus you get a free beach tote with any VS swimsuit purchase).

This One... I adore this color

Last.....the top sold me, so classy

I sprayed the bar-cart again. This time mama went bright pink. I kinda Love her, what ya think?


  1. I just love your son's smile. he looks like he could have danced the night away!

  2. I'm obsessed with the new darker pink on the bar cart. It's perfection. As are you my pretty friend!

  3. Love the hot pink bar cart -- very cute!

  4. Love the new pink bar cart!!

  5. Ohhh I need to order some new bikinis from VS soon - Love the ones you ordered!

  6. Hot pink bar cart...I DIE. Love. www.styleoyster.blogspot.com

  7. haha and what a cutie he was at his first wedding! Too bad your dress isn't from this season - I love that print. And I need that last VS bikini. Soo classic I agree!

  8. Shift was a nice nod to LP