Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Right Now............

What I am eating: Nothing it's 5:30, so I am sipping on coffee. I am enjoying the dark and quite that is usually non existent in this house.

What I am loving: This sweet picture of my baby girl looking out of her window.

 What music is my current jam: Mumford and Sons- I will wait. Ya'll no joke I have been running to this song I love it so much. Hence why maybe I cant even make it a mile.(Probably not the best song to run to).

What I am obsessing overThese shoes for Taylor and these shoes for me that I ordered from the Saks friends and family sale!!  (I die over these gold baby shoes, and let's be real TB is never on sale)

What is making me excited: Working out at my trainers NEW GYM today!! So proud of him, and so excited for a new change! How insane does this contraption look? Can not wait to try out the trx!

Whats "not" making me excited: Our grass look like crap in our front yard, and no one has sod right now! Wtf!!!

What I am looking forward to: A weekend that is not too busy with my family! Love them so much!

Happy Hump Day Friends!!! What's on your mind?


  1. That contraption looks like a great work-out!
    Love the pic of Tay. at her window :-). Sweet bubbles-I will forever miss them!

    Oh Tory. I "need" so many Tory items in my life :-).

    True story-I asked Chris for "more grocery money" the other day. I explained how since we did our budget four years ago, the twins eat a ton and groceries have gone up in price... Yada Yada. His response, "you basically want more money to have "extra to shop!" Damn. He knows me well :-)

  2. Love those photo booth pics of the fam. Too cute!

  3. Love everything about this post and those shoes for Taylor are too cute!!! Happy Wednesday and let us know how that work out goes :)

  4. Cute post!! Good luck with TRX. I think you'll like it but it does take a little getting used to!

  5. haha those pictures of you with your family are hilarious. Y'all are too cute!

  6. I knew you would cave and order something from Saks. That contraption scares me it looks like a sex swing or something weird. Love the shoes