Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Party Dress.........

So I need a party dress. Like my baby is turning ONE kind of party dress. Part of me says to myself, "why are you questioning your southern roots, there is no better dress to wear than a Lilly silly". But then see I have found these others that are haunting me, saying  "girl you so need to rock a maxi on this day". Agh these voices in my head. So help me friends! Cause these voices are liable to start telling me to order them all. Then poor Tay might not get her cake.(because mommy ran out of money). We don't need any of that unnecessary drama now do we?

What's a girl to do..... So if I go with a short dress I will wear a nude wedge, but if I choose a maxi I will most likely go with a flat.

I've even made it easy for you, all you got do is leave me a number for which dress to choose.

Use the code WEAREFAMILY13 to save 20% on your shopbop order.

In other pink/birthday news look at this motherload of candy that just arrived ;) Somebody stop me!