Monday, April 15, 2013

Our Weekend..........

So we had an exciting kid free weekend! We stayed super busy, so now I feel like I need another one ha! My kids had a blast at Mimi and Papas and Carson woke up this morning asking when he gets to go back. I love when he gets time with them.

So Todd and I completed our first Mud Run!! We freaking loved it! Ya'll for real it was awesome! We did it with some of our good friends (which made it more fun) and we all kicked ass ;) The race started knees and face in the mud, and ended in ditches full of water (hence why were not that muddy at the end). Holy sore legs and butt this morning though. We are ready for another one!!

After the run we hit up the bar for burgers and margaritas! The drinks killed the pain from my battle wounds hehe! Not wearing shorts this week ladies.

I put my babies in their first matching outfits for the summer! Not sure why this makes me so happy, but it does!

How the first attempt at pictures went down.

Last, one of my swimsuits came in. I am not usually a fan of a bandeau top, but I thought this one was pretty decent. Plus lets me honest sometimes you want to avoid strap lines. Now the bottoms that I bought our a little cheek friendly;) so you can choose different bottom if you prefer. 

Happy Monday!!!