Thursday, April 4, 2013

A Good Day.............

Yesterday was a good day. You know one of those days where good things just happen! I woke up and stepped on the scale and low and behold I hit my goal weight. Well, if I am being honest I was pretty sure I was going to as I weighed the night before. But still, that feeling of seeing those numbers I had been waiting so long to see.......... it felt amazing! So tomorrow you get your "how I did it" post.  
OK enough about me. Let's chat on what else made yesterday day a "good day"!

My little peanut took her first steps! She means business too, and is on the move.

This leads me to believe there will not be many nights left where she falls asleep on me like this. sniff sniff

Guess who can cut a flip now? He was so proud of himself! (I was pretty proud too).

My new kicks came in! I seriously love these! They are the LunarFly +4, and so comfy! Plus they are pretty and ship for free ;)

We also had a little play-date yesterday. The weather was so pretty so we sat on the deck and actually got some sun, and were able to carry on mommy conversations. It was the perfect end to a good day!
(notice I didn't say perfect day, yeah our lovely gym had no child care when I arrived at 8 with my kids to workout) I felt like the crazy country/ghetto was about to come out. All ended well though, the nice girl up front watched my kids while I did a quick workout.