Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesdays Brain Dump............

This week has been a "hungry" week for me. Like seriously I want to eat everything! I hate it when this happens, it messing up my goal.
Taco Bell this should be illegal....yes that is a suitcase full of tacos! And why yes I ate half the box.

You guys ready for another killer steal? 
Yep another forever 21 dress!! 
It reminded me of a Lilly dress, and let me tell you it felt like one too. It's double lined and the material is amazing.  I am on a roll with forever 21, and I have some more goodies on the way to me ;)

Over the weekend Todd and I were discussing his business and making it grow. He mentioned it would help if he worked longer hours. I could feel a panic attack coming on y'all. By 5:00 I am done, Taylor is done, and I feel like I am at wits end. I straight up clock watch from 4-5, I could not imagine staring at that thing from 4-6. Tell me this is normal, you guys clock watch right?

Last, this past weekend I took Taylor down to my neighbors to check her ears. He's in ENT school, and is going to be a kick butt doctor. Anyways a few of his residents were in town and over at his house. Lauren his wife and my friend took me upstairs to meet his friends. While chatting with them a big wind came a blew my dress completely up.I think I said something like Dear God. I was a little embarrassed, but still the first thought that ran through my head was thank goodness I've been working out and have on good undies. That's totally a normal thought right? I tell you, girl problems.