Sunday, March 24, 2013

Our weekend..........

This past week was just crazy. I feel like I had something planned every night. So when Friday rolled around I was done. We put on a movie and we were in the bed by 7:30. Cant say the same for Saturday. It was jammed packed again. Of course it was all fun stuff, so it was fine by me. Now the weather could have been nicer, I mean really it's March in Charleston? Saturday morning after t- ball and the gym we headed to our neighbors 3rd annual Easter Egg hunt. She always has the cutest stuff set up for the kids, and they always have such a great time. My little man was on a mission this year and found a ton of eggs. Yay for him, but not so much for mommy who ate all his treats inside. (which is why y'all haven't got your post on diet and exercise, have got to reach my goal first. Still cant shake those last 3lbs).

Later that evening we headed over to our neighbors for some frogmore stew or as you may call it low country boil. I had big plans to cut calories and drink sweet tea vodka and water. Well that was an epic fail since I took down the entire bottle. Now in my defense Todd had a couple of drinks. I tell you I can eat and drink like a man, it's kinda sad. 
We did have such a great time though. Love these people!

Where the heck was a babysitter Sunday? Luckily the weather was again yucky, so it was a great excuse to lounge in our jammies all day. And that my friend, is just what we did.

Last here is another fabulous Forever 21 dress! Yep, your welcome. I have been on a roll with the look for less lately! Don't know how long the high-low trend will stick, so I though this dress was perfect.