Monday, March 4, 2013


Ya'll I really didn't mean to go an entire week without writing in my little space. It just kinda happened,but don't worry I was still keeping up with you guys. 

My life seems like a whirl wind of crazy right now, and I just cant seem to get the timing right for writing. Lot's of things changing right now and it has me all in a tizzy. Little things seriously but still enough to get me off track.

Okay enough of that talk.

 What have we been up too?

 We traveled back home this past weekend, and I was able to see some of my favorite ladies in the world. My high-school besties, we just never miss a beat. I love these girls and so wish I got to see more of them.

I was all kind of hungover on Saturday. I ate terrible things, and had to take an overdose of Tylenol. 
So Sunday I rolled out of bed like a crazy person and ran with a side of burpies and leg kicks, it was great ha! My ass is still up a!!!

The other night all was quite in the house. Taylor and I were rocking as we usually do, and it hit me. Soon our snuggling rocking days would end. She's almost one. I softly yelled for Todd to capture this moment.I have a feeling it's going to me a favorite for me.

Fresh flowers make me stupid happy. They rank right up there with the cleaning lady. I feel so much happier when I look at my table and they are there. Is that weird? Do you guys love them too?

Okay now I gotta go do some birthday stuff for Taylor, I just panicked myself when I realized I wrote she almost one! 

Love you mean it!