Tuesday, March 12, 2013

House Projects.........

My husband looked at me this past weekend and said, "Caycee you have a mind that never rest", or something close to that. What he was meaning to say and later explained is I never relax. My head is always spinning and I am usually contemplating which project to start next. It drives him crazy!!! It drives me crazy too, but just not enough to stop ha! 

When I see something that needs changing, fixing, or revamping I just cant stop until it's complete. I just keep saying one day I will get all done and just relax. Yeah Fat chance.

So here you go...... this is whats been rattling in my brain and driving me crazy.

We got new cushions for the patio furniture. What a breath of fresh air! Seriously thought I was never going to find any! Thanks Sarah for the heads up about Garden Ridge. Now to find the time to re-satin and paint the deck!

My new rug for our bedroom came in, and I am pretty smitten with it! A few more tweaks to this room and were going to call her DONE.

Last on the projects that I have completed: The pink bar cart! Yeah well she didn't turn out quite as pretty as I had pictured. And it kinda pisses me off. What to do, what to do? Maybe I'll vamp her up in some gold, or maybe just another nice coat of pink? We still have time to decided on her, as she want be used until Taylors birthday ;)

I would give you guys the list of the uncompleted projects but that would just make me anxious. So let's just focus on the complete for now alright.

Are you like this too? Do things just eat away at you until they are complete and just the way you want them? 

On another note I am selling my Bugaboo Cameleon.
I am asking $500.00
This includes: The  Bugaboo Cameleon blue canvas fabric set, an additional hot pink breezy sun canopy, a complete red fleece tailored fabric set, cup holder, peg preggo car-seat adapters, and graco adapters. Let me know if interested. 


  1. The new patio cushions look great! Hope you have tons of nice weather so you can enjoy your deck:)

  2. Great progress! Completing a project is the best feeling ever!!! I think some gold details on that bar cart will make her gorgeous!

  3. Well Todd sure did manage to word it nicer, all I get from Matt is a you're never satisfied. ha! Damn straight! As for the pink, I'm pretty sure I can pick out the color spray paint you used on the bar cart and if so I have two thoughts on it. It will look pretty against and all white back drop with tons of gold accessories for Taylor's party or if you plan to keep it in her room afterwards. If not, keep it the light pink for the party and repaint it after that. I'd do gold with pink accessories if it were me.

  4. You sound just like me! My head is always spinning with new house projects- especially since we just moved! It drives my husband crazy but I'm just constantly changing my mind

  5. So this is totally off topic and random, but could I ask where you purchased the green blouse from that you are wearing in your profile picture? I've always loved it!

  6. Love the revamped bedroom! May I ask where you bought your bed frame?