Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Crafting and sweet Easter Pictures

Have you been Easter crafting with your kids? Well that's a big NO over here! Where has my crafting mojo gone?  I keep seeing all these cute things to do with your kids, and I think well that looks lovely, but it isn't going to happen. I blame it on the second child, always cramping my style ha! I kid, but really I use to be quite the craft master. You know when Carson was one and two and doesn't remember a darn thing we did,  yeah the important times that he will treasure forever ;)

Well today we shall craft. We will turn off the t.v.(well maybe he can watch a little). Pull up our sleeves and make this amazing looking and may I add easy Easter Marshmallow Bark!

And since were on the subject...... how cute are my babies with these Easter chicks! Thank you Sarah for these beautiful pictures!

I really feel these pictures capture their little personalities, and just how different they are. Carson is my sweet, loving, quite,always want to please child. Taylor is my wild, loud, messy, I like to see how far I can get child. It's kinda like a little Todd, and little Caycee. Perfect combo I must say ;)