Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Biting the bullet.....

I have been wishing, dreaming, and down right getting restless to buy some new dresses.
I just kept saying I am going to get to my goal first and then I will hit the checkout button. Well low and behold I' am only shy 5 lbs from my goal. I figure by the time the clothes actually get here, I'll be right on target. Don't worry I plan on taking obnoxious pictures of myself in everything I order, and letting you know my complete opinion on every purchase. 

Want to see what's going in my closet for Spring? 

(yes, yes, and more yes)
(could this get any cuter)?
(been crushing on her for way too long)

(looks so very comfy too)

There are a few more I have been eyeing daily, but I figure this is a good start.
(hey husband if you haven't canceled my card yet, remember I was pregnant for a year, I totally deserve this).