Monday, March 18, 2013

Better Late than never..........

Well hello there Monday, sorry for the late post! 

So did y'all have a good weekend? We sure did, the weather was incredible here. So incredible I decided to lay out Saturday. Umm maybe should have put a little more sunscreen on cause mama got burnt.

Saturday night we had a dinner out with some friends. I busted out my new Forever 21 Maxi! Hold your breath this baby was a whopping $15.50. Yeah I just ordered the other 3 colors ;) 

These people my make life so happy. Is there anything better than being with the people you love and laughing your tale feathers off all night? Nope didn't think so!

 The weather was so nice my sweet boy finally got the chance to fly his kite. A boy and his kite just sweetness. 

Last I promise I am going to do a post on my eating and working out. I am not ignoring your emails, I just have to find the time to write it all out.Because I want to shoot y'all straight and give it to you right. (wow that sounded inappropriate, and I am not even drinking ;).