Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Friday...and Happy Easter

I am going to go ahead and wish you all a happy Friday and Easter all at once! We are heading out of town to celebrate Easter with our families.  

I have not one thing packed for me nor the kids. I hate packing, actually just talking about it right now makes me anxious. I need to get on that. like right now, but I really want to pack my spring clothes and this amazing Lilly dress!!!

And I wish my little beans was rocking this cuteness!!

Doubt that is going to happen with this crazy weather!

None the less I am still super excited to go home warm weather and pretty dresses aside. I cant wait to watch Carson and his cousins hunt for eggs, eat my parents delicious home cooking, and visit with some special friends. It will be a happy Easter indeed.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Crafting and sweet Easter Pictures

Have you been Easter crafting with your kids? Well that's a big NO over here! Where has my crafting mojo gone?  I keep seeing all these cute things to do with your kids, and I think well that looks lovely, but it isn't going to happen. I blame it on the second child, always cramping my style ha! I kid, but really I use to be quite the craft master. You know when Carson was one and two and doesn't remember a darn thing we did,  yeah the important times that he will treasure forever ;)

Well today we shall craft. We will turn off the t.v.(well maybe he can watch a little). Pull up our sleeves and make this amazing looking and may I add easy Easter Marshmallow Bark!

And since were on the subject...... how cute are my babies with these Easter chicks! Thank you Sarah for these beautiful pictures!

I really feel these pictures capture their little personalities, and just how different they are. Carson is my sweet, loving, quite,always want to please child. Taylor is my wild, loud, messy, I like to see how far I can get child. It's kinda like a little Todd, and little Caycee. Perfect combo I must say ;)

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A date with my little man

Me and my little man are going on a date tonight, just the two of us! I am so excited for a little one on one time just like it use to be.

We first have him a haircut scheduled, then were heading to go see the Easter bunny, and then well, we have no plans. I thought I would let him decide. So unlike me right?
I am sure we will grab a little grub, and since it's his choice I guessing it will be chickfila :) 

Sometimes I miss it just being the two of us, so I am really looking forward to this. I adore having two babies and wouldn't change one single thing about that. With that said, there is nothing that compares to getting a little alone time with your first. 

Just the two of us................

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Our weekend..........

This past week was just crazy. I feel like I had something planned every night. So when Friday rolled around I was done. We put on a movie and we were in the bed by 7:30. Cant say the same for Saturday. It was jammed packed again. Of course it was all fun stuff, so it was fine by me. Now the weather could have been nicer, I mean really it's March in Charleston? Saturday morning after t- ball and the gym we headed to our neighbors 3rd annual Easter Egg hunt. She always has the cutest stuff set up for the kids, and they always have such a great time. My little man was on a mission this year and found a ton of eggs. Yay for him, but not so much for mommy who ate all his treats inside. (which is why y'all haven't got your post on diet and exercise, have got to reach my goal first. Still cant shake those last 3lbs).

Later that evening we headed over to our neighbors for some frogmore stew or as you may call it low country boil. I had big plans to cut calories and drink sweet tea vodka and water. Well that was an epic fail since I took down the entire bottle. Now in my defense Todd had a couple of drinks. I tell you I can eat and drink like a man, it's kinda sad. 
We did have such a great time though. Love these people!

Where the heck was a babysitter Sunday? Luckily the weather was again yucky, so it was a great excuse to lounge in our jammies all day. And that my friend, is just what we did.

Last here is another fabulous Forever 21 dress! Yep, your welcome. I have been on a roll with the look for less lately! Don't know how long the high-low trend will stick, so I though this dress was perfect.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Blog Sale...............

If you are interested email me at and I will invoice you via paypal.

Shipping is $4.00

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Tuesdays Brain Dump............

This week has been a "hungry" week for me. Like seriously I want to eat everything! I hate it when this happens, it messing up my goal.
Taco Bell this should be illegal....yes that is a suitcase full of tacos! And why yes I ate half the box.

You guys ready for another killer steal? 
Yep another forever 21 dress!! 
It reminded me of a Lilly dress, and let me tell you it felt like one too. It's double lined and the material is amazing.  I am on a roll with forever 21, and I have some more goodies on the way to me ;)

Over the weekend Todd and I were discussing his business and making it grow. He mentioned it would help if he worked longer hours. I could feel a panic attack coming on y'all. By 5:00 I am done, Taylor is done, and I feel like I am at wits end. I straight up clock watch from 4-5, I could not imagine staring at that thing from 4-6. Tell me this is normal, you guys clock watch right?

Last, this past weekend I took Taylor down to my neighbors to check her ears. He's in ENT school, and is going to be a kick butt doctor. Anyways a few of his residents were in town and over at his house. Lauren his wife and my friend took me upstairs to meet his friends. While chatting with them a big wind came a blew my dress completely up.I think I said something like Dear God. I was a little embarrassed, but still the first thought that ran through my head was thank goodness I've been working out and have on good undies. That's totally a normal thought right? I tell you, girl problems.

Monday, March 18, 2013

Better Late than never..........

Well hello there Monday, sorry for the late post! 

So did y'all have a good weekend? We sure did, the weather was incredible here. So incredible I decided to lay out Saturday. Umm maybe should have put a little more sunscreen on cause mama got burnt.

Saturday night we had a dinner out with some friends. I busted out my new Forever 21 Maxi! Hold your breath this baby was a whopping $15.50. Yeah I just ordered the other 3 colors ;) 

These people my make life so happy. Is there anything better than being with the people you love and laughing your tale feathers off all night? Nope didn't think so!

 The weather was so nice my sweet boy finally got the chance to fly his kite. A boy and his kite just sweetness. 

Last I promise I am going to do a post on my eating and working out. I am not ignoring your emails, I just have to find the time to write it all out.Because I want to shoot y'all straight and give it to you right. (wow that sounded inappropriate, and I am not even drinking ;). 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Randoms on Thursday........

How in the he-double hockey sticks is it Thursday already? 

I don't know how that happened, but I am not complaining either.

Look who is full on standing up!!! Girl is going to walk any-day now, just mark my words.
I am making progress on my weight-loss! It feels so good.
With all that weight coming off so are my!! I can take small boobs, I just cant take having no boobs. I am convinced it's going to come down to a boob job.....Todd is not.

Todd and I went on a date last night. Since I am trying to loose weight,week night dining out is a no no. I suggested we go shopping, he un-enthusiastically said yes. I yelled at him for being on the phone the entire time while on our date. Guess that pissed him off, and he replied ,"our date Caycee, were fucking shopping are you kidding me"! Well I though it was great date night idea :)


How true is this.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

House Projects.........

My husband looked at me this past weekend and said, "Caycee you have a mind that never rest", or something close to that. What he was meaning to say and later explained is I never relax. My head is always spinning and I am usually contemplating which project to start next. It drives him crazy!!! It drives me crazy too, but just not enough to stop ha! 

When I see something that needs changing, fixing, or revamping I just cant stop until it's complete. I just keep saying one day I will get all done and just relax. Yeah Fat chance.

So here you go...... this is whats been rattling in my brain and driving me crazy.

We got new cushions for the patio furniture. What a breath of fresh air! Seriously thought I was never going to find any! Thanks Sarah for the heads up about Garden Ridge. Now to find the time to re-satin and paint the deck!

My new rug for our bedroom came in, and I am pretty smitten with it! A few more tweaks to this room and were going to call her DONE.

Last on the projects that I have completed: The pink bar cart! Yeah well she didn't turn out quite as pretty as I had pictured. And it kinda pisses me off. What to do, what to do? Maybe I'll vamp her up in some gold, or maybe just another nice coat of pink? We still have time to decided on her, as she want be used until Taylors birthday ;)

I would give you guys the list of the uncompleted projects but that would just make me anxious. So let's just focus on the complete for now alright.

Are you like this too? Do things just eat away at you until they are complete and just the way you want them? 

On another note I am selling my Bugaboo Cameleon.
I am asking $500.00
This includes: The  Bugaboo Cameleon blue canvas fabric set, an additional hot pink breezy sun canopy, a complete red fleece tailored fabric set, cup holder, peg preggo car-seat adapters, and graco adapters. Let me know if interested. 

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Dear Thursday,

I wish you were Friday!!!

But since you're not let's make the best out of you! 

I plan to start you off with a nice workout, and end you drinking wine with all my favorite mama friends! Aww you're already making me like you more just talking about my plans for you today.

Ok really.... look at these two. They are finally starting to play together. This makes me happy for so many reasons, and yes one of the main ones is a free babysitter (thanks Carson).

Speaking of happy that's how I feel about Taylors portrait. Thank you Kim Graham, for theses forever treasures of my babies.

Last thought of the day. I am so ready for warmer weather!!! Seriously dying to update our deck! Anybody know who has great outdoor pillows ect??

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Biting the bullet.....

I have been wishing, dreaming, and down right getting restless to buy some new dresses.
I just kept saying I am going to get to my goal first and then I will hit the checkout button. Well low and behold I' am only shy 5 lbs from my goal. I figure by the time the clothes actually get here, I'll be right on target. Don't worry I plan on taking obnoxious pictures of myself in everything I order, and letting you know my complete opinion on every purchase. 

Want to see what's going in my closet for Spring? 

(yes, yes, and more yes)
(could this get any cuter)?
(been crushing on her for way too long)

(looks so very comfy too)

There are a few more I have been eyeing daily, but I figure this is a good start.
(hey husband if you haven't canceled my card yet, remember I was pregnant for a year, I totally deserve this).