Monday, February 4, 2013

Our Weekend...........

Nothing too exciting around here happened, and I am okay with that. 

Saturday we did head to our "new park" with some neighbors. We all meet around 5, and by 8 we had a bonfire, music, and 5 more bottles of wine!  I will have to take a picture of it, cause it's really pretty awesome, and so are the neighbors ;)

So I put this up on instagram and it made me really anxious. But you know what? I like it when people put it all on the table. So here's a little progress shot for all my "people" interested in my "get my ass in shape" journey. I still have a ways to go with 12 more lbs to loose, but I will have to say the 1st shot looks better than the second.
 My body may net be perfect, but it's carried me through so much that I am thankful for it. -Jenny Garth

In other news this little bean has decided that she no longer needs naps! Not going to happen sista, mama aint afraid to let you cry!

Happy Monday!!