Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I don't know why but I am struggling to write these days. I love it, I love y'all  I love the feedback, the relationships. What gives? I am going to chalk it up to my all or nothing personality. Seriously  I may be the most stubborn person in the world, but when I make up my mind to do something I do it. And not half ass. So right now in this moment my mind is focused on fitness and loosing weight. I feel as though my all or nothing can sometimes be a bad thing. I tend to let things consume me and my thoughts. (if only you could be in this little head of mind).

Okay enough crazy talk for one day. 

How cute are these two? It's very rare for Carson to let Taylor ride in his car. He likes to go fast, and that freaks me out with our little bean in tow. 

Check out the views from the Oyster Roast we attended last Saturday. Todd has not stopped yapping about it since we left. There goes my dream of a beach house, boy wants a country house!

last random thought of the day......

I am ordering this today! Hey it's 29.95, 25% off that, and it has a built in bra!

Nope I got one more.


  1. Matt will not stop talking about the country house too and how he needs more shot guns- ugh!! I am not a country girl, never happening!

  2. Natalie's comment made me laugh. Sounds exactly like my Matt :)

    Love you girl and I hope you don't disappear from blogging for too long. What if you use it as a platform to talk about fitness and health. That's what you're into these days, right?

  3. Girl, share some of your fitness and dieting info with us! You're doing great! That's a mighty sweet ride your little heartbreaker has! Ivey would go gaga over it!

  4. Omg that last pic, I'm cracking up. The workout top matches your blog, whattt! YAY