Tuesday, February 19, 2013

In a perfect world.........

Well my friends in a perfect world my kids playroom would look like this.....

But in reality it mostly looks like this.

My kids would always be dressed like little fashion models.

But most day he chooses pjs over any handsome shirt. (yes that's a tattoo)

I would always look like I stepped out of a movie. (or maybe just showered).

But this is usually how I roll.

 A full course dinner would always be served.

But sometimes we just have goldfish.(no that is not a joke).

Yes in a perfect world wouldn't our lives all be glitter and gold. Just like pinterest ha! Not that I don't like all the happy glitter, it's one of my favorite past times. But I just thought with all the "perfect" all the time y'all might like a little "real". 

Disclamer * Don't worry i gave him some yogurt and apples with those goldfish. I am on my way to pick up all that junk in his playroom, and tomorrow I plan to shower and post really pretty pictures of it on instagram ;) 


  1. I love this. We're all in the same spot with young kids!

  2. Thank you for this post! I often feel guilty about my reality not being as glam as in my "movie life" but it is still perfect:) and I wear the same thing lots of days!

  3. Love it! Reality is much more interesting than perfect anyway!! ;)


  4. Awesome post! So happy to hear that I am not alone:)

  5. Raw post...story of my life! Love it. www.styleoyster.blogspot.com

  6. haha love you for this post and you know I can relate. Sterling likes to wear pjs and or no pants and just underwear! and the past two nights we have had toast for dinner. Miss your face I need to get out of this dark sick hole here!

  7. Love this post and I think we can all relate.

  8. Love it !!! Made my day :)

  9. love this - it's so true for everyone... where is that tray in the goldfish picture from, i've been looking for one just like that for my coffee table!