Wednesday, February 13, 2013

How I train.......

 I keep getting the emails and comments asking exactly what I do at the gym? Hmmmm...... want to see? I've never been too good at really explaining it, so I had Zach (my trainer) shoot a short Vine video.
(nothing in your face like watching yourself on video, mercy I am glad it's only 6 seconds)

Note: these are just some of the things we do. It's always different and the man always keeps me moving. Speaking of moving Zach is about to open his own gym!!! (more to come on that later). Now I only have 30 minutes with him a few times a week, so the rest is in my hands. I try to fit in 5 days of cardio and keep a pretty clean diet. Don't fool yourselves I cheat! You know I love me some chocolate! 

I can not express to you guys  ladies how much better I feel physically and mentally when I get my butt in the gym! Girls bikini season is not too far away......Lets do this shit!

For those of you who asked my shoes are these. Not going to lie bought them because they were cute, but turns out I really love them.