Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Thoughts on Tuesday............

Even though I have a baby screaming at my feet I feel today is going to be a lot less crazy ha! Carson has school, I have a date with my trainer, and things are back on schedule. I thrive on a schedule.

My new chairs came in yesterday eekk.............. 

What used to be my lest favorite room has become one of my favorites! 

How about those pillows? Y'all they are from Target!!!!
The quality is stunning, promise!
And the baskets are from World Market! These baskets rock they hold a ton of toys, are very sturdy, and look nice out on display!
Even Taylor approves!

Last we are heading to Disney in two days!!!!!!! I am so excited for Carson and me, but mostly Carson ;) As sad as I am to leave behind Miss Tay beans, I am excited for us just have some time with our little man. We need this, he needs this, we all need this. 

Toodles Poodles got to go pack lunches ;)