Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Thoughts on Tuesday...........

This weather is insane here in Charleston SC! We are talking high 70's in January! 
I am not complaining at all though, we have been taking full advantage!

I have decided on chairs for my living room, but I am having a hard time hitting the purchase button. Todd if your reading this it would help if you gave me the green light!
I purchased Carsons North Face for next year! It's a steal for $69.99! Plus he thinks it's super awesome because it's spider man colors ha!

I have a ton of  baby clothes I need to photograph and put up for sale on this blog this week, but I am being lazy!

Speaking of baby clothes, I am pretty sure I need this outfit for Taylor.

Happy Tuesday loves!


  1. if it's boy clothes you better email me first :) I have some thing Tay might like from Wells' collection as well!

  2. Where is that chair from, I love it!!

  3. I love your blog design !!! Wishing we were warmer here in Nebraska BUT no such luck. I'm more than ready for spring !!! Adorable little outfit for sweet Taylor !!!

  4. Looked like y'all had a nice time at the beach! So sweet!

    Loving that chair! Where's it from?