Thursday, January 31, 2013

Thoughts on Thursday......

Hey! Hey! It's Thursday which means one more day until the weekend!

The laundry is done, floors are clean, and I have fresh flowers in the house. The little things right!

I have been on the hunt for Taylor and Carson some summer "play" clothes. So far this is what I have. Open to suggestions if you guys have any??

I have officially lost 11 lbs!!! I've been playing catch up from our Disney trip this week. Obviously corn-dogs,  fries, and coke make you gain weight? Still 11 lbs and I am feeling great! The treadmill and I have become great friends! Doing a little before, progress, and after photos for you guys too.

I have been on a mission getting "stuff" in the works for Taylors 1st birthday! How is she almost one?? 

Yes and I finally have my coffee table "styled" the way I like it! Thanks for the help Natalie!