Monday, January 7, 2013

Thoughts on Monday.............

Why hello Monday! Goodness you just seem to creep up faster and faster every time.

I love these two bugs so very much! But lately they have been giving this mommy a run for her money.
For instance we finally have Tay sleeping through the night.(can y'all see me fist pumping with joy). No doubt I would be, but now Carson wakes up every.single.night. (bad dreams, or hes scared he might have bad dreams, or he has to tell us something). It's killing me!! Any suggestions moms?

Todd and I did a bunch of nothing but tv watching this past weekend. Saturday night we started the series Homeland. You can easily say we are obsessed. Then on Sunday we choose our date night to be at the movies. Pretty much my favorite date nights, I love a movie with my man. For the record the movie was amazing!

I gave in and ate the popcorn, just kidding I dominated that shit! 

But on a good note I am down 6lbs and a couple inches thinner ;)
Just ordered these running shoes! Any Saucony fans around? Heard they were good?

While were on the fitness topic, many of you have asked how I loose/lost my weight. Do you still want to know? Because I am pretty much starting over from last year. You know getting knocked up not exercising for a year and chowing down on double stack reese's did me in. So I am doing it again, and for the record it's not a miracle plan, it's hard ass work and a clean diet. But just wanted to see if you were still interested, cause maybe we can make a weekly post out of it?

Happy Monday all you well rested assholes beauties!!!