Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Disney World Recap.......

Let's start this off right shall we! This was by far the happiest I have ever seen my child, that in itself is enough to make it the best vacation of my life. 

The characters were his jam. He was is complete awe every time we got to "meet" one of them. He showed no favoritism,and was equally excited to greet them all with big hugs. I will say the kiss Jessie gave him and the Incredible holding his hand while they danced together in the parade was the all time high for him ;)

The rides, well he was not a fan! If it went fast, was high, or got dark it was a no go! Me being the "pusher" I am made him go on a few, and he absolutely hated it! So on day two we had it down, We stuck to the dumbo ride, magic carpet, and the carousel. (Yes the baby rides, but that's what made him happy). 

The most "magical" part aside from the characters was the firework show. Seriously the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. 

Animal Kingdom was a ton of fun! Mine and Todds favorite by a long shot ;) It was also his actual birthday when we went there. We set the mood right with a charter breakfast, he was a happy birthday boy!
And the weather, well it was pretty much perfect! Not pretty much it was perfect!
When we weren't park hopping we were at our resort pool. Another one of Carsons favorite times.

The view from our room.

His pirate bed, which he must have loved because the boy slept until 9:30 every morning!

So to sum it up, it was a fantastic trip and fun was had by all! I hope Carson remembers this birthday forever and all the magic we had. Todd and I both agreed there's nothing better than seeing the happiness through their eyes!