Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Disney and Taylors portrait........

So this year I will not be throwing Carson a birthday party....gasp! Are you thinking poor little guy? Well think again we are going to DISNEY!!! Not sure who's more excited Todd and I or Carson! Either way we are all ecstatic! Any thing you mamas got for me I must know or must do at Disney? We are kinda like Disney virgins I have not been in 21 years and Todd in like 28 years!(now I feel old).

Taylors Portrait. I need some help! I can not decide what to do? Here is the predicament. One is vertical which is what I need as far as hanging purposes, and the other is horizontal?

Here is a picture of Carsons to remind you.

Now the two of Taylor.....

This one would have to be horizontal (which I am sure I could make work somewhere)?

Or do I go vertical and do this one?

(I think I would keep the frame the same either way).

Thanks in advance for your help!!!

PS I hope I didn't offend any of you by calling assholes /beauties yesterday, you know I have nothing but love for you all!!