Tuesday, December 31, 2013

It's a New Year.......

I have a feeling this is going to be a really good year, heck I know it is!

2013 was great, but 2014 is going to be amazing!

* I plan to look at the bright side even when it seems there is no bright side. Because lets be honest there is always a bright side ;) I plan to only focus on the good in people, because there is good in everyone! I know this will sometimes be a struggle, but in the end I know it will result in a happier me!

* I plan to learn how to use my camera this year. I plan to upgrade my lens and learn some new tricks :)  This giving y'all a better look into the things I love. My family, friends, and fashion! I am really excited about this one!!

* I plan to schedule better. As much as I try to fight the planner in me, I just function better on a schedule. My mind is more at peace and everyone around me gets a calmer, more together, and happier me. 

* I plan to get back in the gym four days a week. Monday through Thursday I will be working out. With all the crazy of the holidays and me just being lazy I haven't made it in the gym more than two days in the last four months. That is not a good thing for me, I just feel better all around when I workout.

* I plan to take more time  to just be with my children, husband, and God. I know we as mothers, wives, and women always say this, and it's probably the hardest of them all. But you know what, in the end I am pretty sure it's the most important. No actually, I know it's the most important.

So these are my things, my 5 things! I plan to take these 5 things and give them my all. Because if you know me, I am an all or nothing kinda girl. And I've decided that life is way too short to be a nothing kinda of girl. So I will give it my ALL and rock this year out of the park!! 

Who's with me? Who's going to make 2014 the best year yet?

** Thought I would let you know before they are gone, that the Shopbop has the Caroline leopard flat in pewter and black. I just received mine last night and I am in love!! I seriously think for $123.00 I may have to scoop this color us as well!!

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sit in your jammies and shop........

I sure do hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! I know we sure did, and now we have more toys than I even know what to do with! Ahh, I feel some winter organizing coming on ;) 

I know Todd and I got tons of gift cards and even a little cash, so today I plan to do a little shopping. My favorite kinda of shopping too, at home on the computer in my new jammies. 

No crowds, happy kids with new toys, and amazing sales!!

Tory Burch-  Extra 25% off  all sale styles.
Had my eye on these for a while now, and with 25% off this price can't be beat!

Saks- 70% off!! What the what, this is amazing!!
Say hello to my new Milly $94.00 and new Lilly $118.00!

Nordstrom- 50% off- You all know this is pretty much my favorite store ever!
Loving this Zella half zip. Marked down to $45.00! So many good things marked down!

Loft- 50% off everything!
This sweater is calling my name!

Kate Spade- 25% off all sale items.
Have a major crush on this bag!

Boden - 60% off. Don't forget all the mini is on sale too!
How cute is this little dress I just grabbed Taylor!

Happy Shopping! Xoxo

Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Merry!!!

I am signing off to enjoy Christmas with my family! Hope you all have a very Merry Christmas too! Can't wait to chat in the New Year!!!

Friday, December 20, 2013

5 on Friday............

1- Santa Clause is coming early to our house this year!! (He actually does every year since we travel on Christmas). I am so excited as my parents are coming to town, and they will get to see the kids as they wake up to see what Santa has brought them! I am a little extra giddy this year because Carson is so excited and really "gets it"! 
*Taylor on the other hand looks a little less than thrilled about Santa*

2- My maxi obsession is back on a roll! I am finding some of the most stunning ones ever, this one's no exception.

It totally reminds me of my favorite dress ever! But I really love the neck of this one even better. If you think you want it, you better grab it now, because mine sold out super fast last year!

3- This Christmas tree. I am officially obsessed! If my entire house was covered in pink, I would be quite all right with that. 
(my husband not so much)

4- These cookies- umm... yes please! They look crazy easy and crazy delicious! Plus I know my kids would love to help make (and eat) them.

5- Keeping it in the Christmas spirit and with my love for the Grinch. This quote is one of my all time favorites.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

What you wearing?

So have y'all decided where you are going or what you're wearing this NYE? We are not 100% yet, but I know I am wearing something with some sparkle ;)   

Here are some front runners that I am loving!
In true Caycee fashion most of them are on sale ;) 
 Also worth the mention I snagged this dress for a Christmas party we have on Saturday! Bebe has really stepped it up. Don't get me wrong most of it is still flashy trashy, but their are a few gems in the mix. Also worth the mention the models must be real tall because my green dress is a lot longer on me ;)
{all sale items at Bebe are an additional 40% off}.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

3 things...........

1- What a weekend we had! It was so much fun, but I had no doubt it would be. Everything was just beautiful, and we saw faces we haven't seen in forever. Just as promised we laughed, ate, drank, and danced the night away! #bestweddingever

My dress- in black they don't have the pink online. But I must say I do love the black just as much

Big thanks to Mimi and Papa for watching our little monkeys while we were away! How cute are these cookies they made?

2- I may have witnessed the sweetest/funniest moment between my kids yesterday. Poor Carson was so tired from the long weekend and all the traveling that he passed out on the way home. So of course we used this to our advantage and unpacked the car while he slept. Taylor was wide awake and wanted to stay in the car with Carson, so she could finish her Barney show. So we unbuckled her and shut her in there with him, thinking she would definitely wake him up. A few minutes later Todd called me to come check out the situation. Little man was out like a light, and Taylor was just making herself at home in his lap :)

Then she decided to wake him with a kiss.

3- I can not believe Christmas is right around the corner!! I would be lying if I told you guys I was all done shopping. Why do I always do this to myself!!! But at least the tree is up and the stockings are hung ;) I do plan to take a little break this week....wrap presents, listen to Christmas music, sip on hot coco, and snuggle by the fire with my babies. I love this time of year so much and it's going to be such an exciting Christmas for Carson!!

Okay maybe 4. Shopbop is having an extra 20% off  all sale items with the code EXTRAOFF20.
This Alice and Olivia bow back dress is just perfection!

Monday, December 16, 2013

Happy Holidays............

From our family to yours.................

We had such a fun and crazy weekend! I cant wait to share some pictures. But today our Christmas card will have to suffice. Todd and I both woke up this morning with sore throats and nasty coughs. Ahh and tonight we have to finish Santa shopping :)  

Friday, December 13, 2013

5 on Friday...........

1- The happiness I've been feeling lately. Let's be honest this time of year is crazy, and don't get me wrong I've had my moments, but I have truly felt moments of happiness that I just can't explain. I love this, because let's be honest again..... this is the first year in 5 years that I haven't been medicated for my anxiety. So I didn't know how I would handle the stress and the hustle and bustle of it all. But I am proud to say that I am doing OK, I got this. Now let's have this discussion next week when the kids are out of school for two weeks ha! These pictures make me so happy.

2- A little surprise being left on my doorstep yesterday. Todd must actually read my blog because these pretties  are now mine. I am so smitten, and the size is just perfect.
(let's excuse my gym face, the fact I haven't showered, and that my roots need to be done ;)

3- OMG this dress!!!!! I seriously may have jumped up and done a little happy dance. Ya'll know my love for maxis, and this one is going to be the one. You know the show stopper, the summer go to, the wedding, the all around I want to wear it everyday dress. It comes in petite too, you may want to grab it fast as sizes always sell out.

4- These pictures- Umm I may have cried and laughed all at the same time.  
This was my favorite ;)

5- Last, Todd and I are heading out of town today around lunch. We are going to Columbia for one of his dear friends weddings. It's going to be a fun one. I mean really fun. It will be all his friends from high school plus a few of my besties from high school. There will be a band, booze, and lots of smiling faces. I.can.not.wait.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Wishlist Wednesday......

It's been a crazy week around here this week. Poor Taylor is still sick, she is on the mend but getting her back on schedule is not happening and the no sleeping has put a tail spin on my brain. Like really, I am finding it hard to complete a sentence. No rest for the weary though as I have a baby shower this morning and I am hosting a white elephant exchange tonight. Maybe all the fun will take my mind off the lack of sleep. 

Even though this wishlist isn't too long, I think it's a really good one!

I don't know what it is lately but I am really loving all the geometric patterns. I think this one is versatile, and would look good dressed up or down.

This stuff is the bees knees. I have had my jar for over a year, and it's by the far the best moisturizer I have ever used. A little goes a long way, and I only use it during the winter months when I am a little more dry. But I am all out, so it's definitely on top of my wishlist.

I don't think in a million years I will ever tire of stripes. I really love the classic sweater look of this one. I have been rocking my sweater dresses at least once a week with boots, I just love that look.
It's a total steal at $45.00.

I am finding a clutch to be my best friend lately. It's perfect for date night, a night out, or a fun party. It's just so nice not to carry my large bag, and easy to just toss a few things in needed for that night. How cool that this one can also double as a cross body!
Another killer steal at $38.00!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Thoughts on Tuesday.......

* My birthday party was the best time ever. The weather was perfect, the food was delicious, and the company.....well, I pretty much have the best friends a girl could ask for! I remember looking around at one point and thinking I am one lucky girl to have such special people in my life! After that thought the tequila shots started coming, and it's all a little blurry from that point ha! I have a feeling 29 is going to be a good year!

* Carson has become my new photographer. He loves to take pictures of Taylor and I. Even though most come out pretty blurry and with a head chopped off, I thought this one was so good. He captured the perfect shot of Taylor playing her favorite game of peekaboo.

* It makes me smile every morning when Carson helps his sister come down the steps. He always says, "Taylor hold my hand so you don't fall". Usually Taylor doesn't do a thing he says, but every morning she reaches her little hand out and takes his.

*Loft is currently having 50% off of blouses- sweaters- and tees.
I am loving these so much!

That's about all I got today. Off to have coffee and brunch with some sweet friends.