Monday, December 10, 2012

The Weekend...........

Well for starters it went by like a flash. We were busy around here with three parties, and a couple of house updates.

I am tired so you get pictures today.

My best friend of 13 years had her first sweet baby boy last night.
He is just beautiful, and man I cant wait to hold him. I may have cried a few happy tears when I received this picture. It made me think of that  moment when you hold your baby for the first time, and just how special that is. Elizabeth is going to be such a wonderful mama, and this makes my heart melt a little.

I wore my birthday dress Friday night to my darling friend Julias b-day party. I must say hubs did get it right with this one. I kid you not this is the most comfortable and flattering Lilly dress I own. Guess what this sucker is on sale right now for $100.00 here.

Can you guess where we were heading in this picture?
Bahaha............... yes a tacky Christmas party!
Much fun was had.

the best outfit goes to............  Rob you crack me up!

PS I am sure you can tell, but my blog got a little face lift! Love it!


  1. love you and love the new facelift my dear! So glad we got to celebrate together! xoxox

  2. love the new blog look! :)

  3. Love the new blog look, costumes and that gorgeous dress!!

  4. Your new blog layout is so cute!

  5. okay i am loving your bra over shirt! great idea.

  6. Love the new blog look!! And your profile picture is stunning! You look gorgeous in that green.

    haha and the tacky Christmas party costumes are hilarious. Nicely done! :)