Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The Never Ending Living room dilemma....

I have been pretty good about not buying and changing the furniture around in the house over the last year. But I cant take it any longer with the downstairs living room. It is straight up driving me crazy!!

Now I cant decided what the hell to do??

My first thought was to just get a different table to go beside the couch, you know to replace that oversized matchy square you see beside it now.

So before I started blowing up the credit card I wanted to get an idea of what it might look like with a round smaller table. I took a random one I had upstairs and tried it out.

mmmmm..... it totally threw me off and got me thinking maybe I needed two side tables one on each side? just not sure there's is enough room for that?

Then I thought maybe a side table on one side and a floor lamp on the other side, just to balance out that wall, and so I can center the mirror? 

You got any suggestions or opinions on what you think would look table or two, floor lamp and table??