Thursday, December 20, 2012


I do apologize for the uninspired post lately. But if you take a look at my title it pretty much describes what I have been doing this last week.

I am usually on my A game when it comes to getting stuff planned and ready. It's kinda what I excel at. Being organized and ahead of the game. Well not so much this year, I have been slack. 

We do Christmas for Carson and Tay early around here. Like in two days, since Christmas falls on a Tuesday this year. Lord a mercy now I have to find where I crammed and hid all his toys.

Anyway we have been having a great Holiday time despite the chaos!

A fun Christmas Party!

 Snuggling in our winter coat (the two cold days we've had).

 Dancing to Christmas music in the buff.

  Seeing the smiles on these faces 

Having my parents in town for a weekend.

Making gingerbread houses with his friends.

 Checking the mail, and getting all your sweet beautiful Christmas cards!

 Watching the Love a baby has for a baby.

Hope you are all enjoying the Holidays!


  1. These photos are precious! Looks like a wonderful holiday season filled with fun moments!

  2. It's ok I've fallen behind this year too- but it looks like you are making up for it with fun times! Your babies are too cute!