Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Now that was some Love........

Holy Crap y'all made my day Batman!

I thought I should add though that the judgement was from no one in the blogland, you guys have always been pretty darn amazing. But it just had me questioning how I portrayed myself. You guys with all of your emails and comments really did make me feel so much better, and feeling confident in who I am. So big virtual hugs and a thank you for that! 

Moving on along................

This is the other present that Todd got me for my birthday! 
You can go ahead and assume from the looks of it, its super comfortable.
 Todd knows I love to lounge, so this was perfect! He also picked it up in the red, and I am still debating on that one, reds just not my color. Anyways they are 2 for $40.00 so a real steal!

I have been eating like a clean machine, and working out like a crazy person! I am down another 1lb!
this is what I was cooking on the grill last night.
Yes you read that right "I" was grilling!! The babies really wanted some daddy time outside when he got home from work, you know because daddy swings so much better than mommy. Well I told him to fire it up, and I would take over. Must say it turned out perfect ;)

And last on my randomness today, and sorry it took me so long to get this to all that asked.
Taylors wall color in her nursery.
Sherwin-Williams White Dogwood............. (it's not white at all it's a very light pink)


  1. Impressive! That's one thing I won't do...grill! Glad you're feeling better sweet mama!

  2. Good job with the grill!! Love that shirt- it looks super comfy! VS has the best comfy clothes. Happy to hear you're feeling better :)

  3. i love the new look in your blog! and yup, that looks comfy!

  4. I missed your post yesterday! The new blog looks pretty!! Way to go on the weight loss hottie!!

  5. That looks super comfy!!!! Love the color on the walls.


  6. Omg, I love that you grilled. Teach me.

  7. Inspired to start cooking on the grill now! We have a grill that is three years old and has MAYBE been used 10 times by us.

    T's nursery is still the prettiest I've ever seen... on Pinterest and in "real life."

  8. What a beautiful nursery (and baby)! I'm way impressed with your grilling skills--little scared of singing off my eyelashes around a grill!~Brett

  9. Dang girl---were you feeding an army?? Looks good though!! Love the new shirt-- might just have to get some.