Monday, December 31, 2012

Goodbye 2012..........

This was quite possibly the best year yet.

Most important we welcomed our sweet baby girl Taylor into our family, and now our family of four feels complete.

This year brought many close friendships old and new and more love than I could have imagined.

Quite frankly I believe 2013 is going to have some work cut out for it to even compete! But hey I've always enjoyed some friendly competition! 

Happy New Years Eve sweet friends!!!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Signing Off..........

I shall return in a week or so. Hope you enjoy this Holiday time with your beautiful family! I know the Hewitt's are looking forward to all the fun and excitement that will be happening in the next few days! 

Thursday, December 20, 2012


I do apologize for the uninspired post lately. But if you take a look at my title it pretty much describes what I have been doing this last week.

I am usually on my A game when it comes to getting stuff planned and ready. It's kinda what I excel at. Being organized and ahead of the game. Well not so much this year, I have been slack. 

We do Christmas for Carson and Tay early around here. Like in two days, since Christmas falls on a Tuesday this year. Lord a mercy now I have to find where I crammed and hid all his toys.

Anyway we have been having a great Holiday time despite the chaos!

A fun Christmas Party!

 Snuggling in our winter coat (the two cold days we've had).

 Dancing to Christmas music in the buff.

  Seeing the smiles on these faces 

Having my parents in town for a weekend.

Making gingerbread houses with his friends.

 Checking the mail, and getting all your sweet beautiful Christmas cards!

 Watching the Love a baby has for a baby.

Hope you are all enjoying the Holidays!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Thoughts on Tuesday...........

These two sweet faces made it until 6:00AM before waking mama up this morning. Hey, with my two that is sleeping in!

We had our girls supper club last night! Pretty sure I gained the 4lbs back that I lost. Who cares that jam was good. 

A few weeks back we replaced all the hardware in the kitchen. I must say I like it much better, so much more updated.

I am making these today for all my favorites for the holidays. If they rock my socks off you will get the recipe, if they suck we will not talk about them again.

Last I have really been feeling love from all my readers lately, and it just means so much! 
So I just wanted to say.....

Monday, December 17, 2012

Merry Merry!!

You know I wish I could send all you guys a card in the mail!! 
Sadly I can not, but still wanted to wish all my beautiful, supportive readers a very Merry Christmas!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Praise God.

My husband was in car wreck yesterday afternoon. He is fine. He was on the way to school to pick up the babies, and ironically I was on the phone with him. It was raining pretty bad, and he tried to switch lanes, in doing so lost control and started to fishtail across the road. He crashed into a tree sideways on the drivers side, and after seeing his truck I am still in shock that he was not hurt. 

When I got to him, and saw his truck I lost it. It hit me the thought of loosing the man I love, the father of my babies, and the rock of our entire family. 

Why do these things have to have to happen to make us realize whats important in life? Last night at dinner it hit me again. Todd was still at the office finishing some things up and on the phone with the insurance company. He is always home by 5 and we always eat dinner together the 4 of us. Well understandably he wasn't home yet. I looked at both my babies, then I looked at the empty chair and thought I could have lost that man today. My babies could have lost the man that makes their world go around. I couldn't hold back the tears at the thought of this. 

Right now as I type this I can hear from downstairs the laughter of my kids as their daddy chases them around the house. I could not imagine never hearing these sounds again. 

So today I am going to praise God for the safety he provided for my husband yesterday. I am going to hug and kiss, and tell that man just how much I love and adore him. You should too(not my husband silly) but the people you love. Life is too short not to.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Now that was some Love........

Holy Crap y'all made my day Batman!

I thought I should add though that the judgement was from no one in the blogland, you guys have always been pretty darn amazing. But it just had me questioning how I portrayed myself. You guys with all of your emails and comments really did make me feel so much better, and feeling confident in who I am. So big virtual hugs and a thank you for that! 

Moving on along................

This is the other present that Todd got me for my birthday! 
You can go ahead and assume from the looks of it, its super comfortable.
 Todd knows I love to lounge, so this was perfect! He also picked it up in the red, and I am still debating on that one, reds just not my color. Anyways they are 2 for $40.00 so a real steal!

I have been eating like a clean machine, and working out like a crazy person! I am down another 1lb!
this is what I was cooking on the grill last night.
Yes you read that right "I" was grilling!! The babies really wanted some daddy time outside when he got home from work, you know because daddy swings so much better than mommy. Well I told him to fire it up, and I would take over. Must say it turned out perfect ;)

And last on my randomness today, and sorry it took me so long to get this to all that asked.
Taylors wall color in her nursery.
Sherwin-Williams White Dogwood............. (it's not white at all it's a very light pink)

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The wrong Impression.........

So I am just going to start this off and throw it all on the table. Lately I have felt a little judged, and it got me thinking, do I put off the wrong impression of myself or my family?

I am not sure if I do or not, if I do, that is certainly not my intentions at all. 

So here we go....................

Are we rich? No, not at all. 
Do I like nice things? Well of course I do, but it doesn't mean I have to have them. I just like them, and sometime I just like to talk about them. Doesn't not make or break my happiness.
Could I clean my own house? Yes, but I choose to save in other places because it's something I feel like I need help with in my season of life. 
Do I drink a little too much wine sometimes? Well that may be questionable ha, but I defiantly do not have a problem. I am honestly just very social, and I have two kids enough said! Really contrary to what some may believe I only have wine one day/evening a week, and on the weekends if we have something going on. But hey isn't that the glory of being over 21.
Can I be a little inappropriate at times? Why yes I can, sorry it's just my personality.
Does my husband do all the work while I just chill? Not a chance, who do you think does the diaper changes, dresses, feeds, plays, and makes sure my babies are taken care of from 7:45 until 5:00 while my husband works daily.... your looking at her!

The point in this is I never want to come across to anyone as something that I am not. I just try to be real, and honestly whatever pops in my head is what I write. I love my life, my sweet family, and all my friends including you guys! So my hopes are that is how you look at me.

Now Happy Tuesday after all that deep shit!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Sorry bout that!!!

Sorry to bust out the parties and home tour on y'all again! Had to do that to get it linked to my navigation bar!!


Carsons 1st Monkey Party

The Sailboat 2nd Birthday