Thursday, November 8, 2012

Under the tree........Carson and Taylor...........

Seriously it's already time to get on it!

Not going to lie I am struggling this year. Carson received all his big toys form "Santa" last year. This makes me happy and sad. Happy because daddy/Santas wallet will not be hurting as bad. But sad because there will not be anything Big and exciting on Christmas morning.

Still trying to convince Todd we need one more jump castle. The man thinks I am nuts (we already have two). But really can you have too many jump castles? I think not! Plus I was thinking going totally different this year and busting out this bad boy.

So this is really what I have so far.

I am open to a few more ideas if you have any?

Carson's List

Taylor's List

So have you guys started Santa shopping yet? (or did I just stress you out thinking about it)?