Friday, November 30, 2012

Fridays Confessions....

It's Friday, can I get a hell yeah!!

I am kinda hungover today. We had the Cynthia Rowley event last night, and it was a real good time. As always mama drank a little too much ;) 

I have kinda been in a funk all week?  But today I am choosing to be happy ;)

So this may be kinda gross, and obviously not very common?  But I never floss my teeth!! I hate it, and it hurts. But after my chat about flossing last night and realizing everyone needs to and most likely already does, I am jumping on that bandwagon ha! Please tell me some of you gals hate to floss too?

I am obsessed with my both my new VS lounge jackets!!!
I wear these suckers all the time,and they are both insanely comfortable!
Green jacket here and cream one here
(they run on the big size, because both of mine are smalls)