Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Daddy Duty............

This past weekend Todd was on some major daddy duty. Of course he said he said it  was all peaches and roses, but come Sunday I am telling y'all I saw a tear when I went to leave again.

Mama was busy, I had friends to see and a special baby to celebrate!

Friday it was not so bad on him, I was at a little wine/play-date from 3 until 11. He joined us about 8, and lets just say he took over from 8 on. Plus he had to drive the little munchkins back home. I have a good excuse for keeping my babies out so late too.
See Below.........
 If you haven't figured out my excuse yet, my girl Julia was in town. We had some laughing and catching up to do so totally excusable!

Lets just go-ahead and assume the obvious. I was useless the little time I was around on Saturday. My head hurt and I knew I had to get it together for another night of fun with more fabulous ladies!

No worries I did. We started the night off with an amazing dinner at Macintosh.

Then we bar hopped the rest of the night. Good Lord Charleston bars are crazy crowded on Saturdays! It was kinda hard to find a seat all together.Next time pjs, cheese, and wine sound like a go to me. The night ended great though, we snatched a seat at the bar and finished with a nice big pour.

No rest for the weary (or the mama who parties too much). Sunday I was back up and on the road. Gave my kids and hubs a quick kiss and I was off.  On the way I called to see how everyone was doing(my babies) and Todd was at the grocery store shopping with both in tow!!! What the hell, such a showoff!

I was on the way to go and help celebrate a new special baby boy that should be here real soon.
My best friend of 13 years is having her first baby boy!!!! eek I am so excited! Sweet baby Coleman was showered with lot's of goodies!

It was a great weekend, and I had no mom duties! That was nice. Thanks Todd for pulling up your sleeves and taking charge daddy style!


  1. Very nice to be able to get away all weekend, way to go daddy! And I haven't Charleston bar-hopped since college or shortly there after-miss the Griffin and Blind Tiger!!

    1.RULE BOOK!!!
    2.Can we talk about how much better I looked on Friday night with my half-ass attempt at stylish hair that rode in a car ALL DAY than my supposed "messy celebrity beach waves" from Tease on Saturday night. Still pissed about that.
    3.Can we talk about how we get to do it ALL AGAIN in just three weeks!!!

  3. I'm jeals! I need a mommy free weekend!!

  4. Sounds like such a fun weekend!!

  5. Girls days are a much needed necessity! Look like you had a fabulous time!