Friday, October 19, 2012

Freaky Friday........

Ya'll its FREAKY FRIDAY!!!!
I actually just made that up, wanna know why? Cause the Big Bash is tonight and I am super pumped!!!!!

Tonight will consist of very intoxicated friends dressed up, most likely wearing inappropriate costumes! Bahaha I can not wait!!!!  

Speaking of inappropriate here is a peek of "Magic Mike"

I kinda have a confession, while on our date we stopped at target so Todd could get some tight black pants. I spotted these "running" thermal underwear, and convinced Todd they were running pants, and it would be totally appropriate to wear these in public. When he put them on I could not stop laughing, and thought they were so damn funny. I just couldn't bring myself to tell him the truth. So I showed him the guy on the box running and said, "see they are totally running pants". He was sold, and these will now be his Magic Mike pants. I Die.

Also last night we decided to carve our pumpkins Minni Mouse for Taylor and Mickey for Carson. Well  3 hours later here is Mini Mouse, and I promised  to whip up Mickey while Carson is at school. I actually loved the way it turned out, and Carson was so excited when we finished!

Okay gotta run lots to do today!!!


  1. ummmm, holy smokes, what is your hubby's work out plan? damn....

  2. I can't wait to see pictures from this party lol

  3. caycee, you are too funny!

    and yeah, your hubby is such a couch potato - seriously :)))))

  4. your party sounds like so much fun...and your hubby's costume is going to be perfect!