Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Pumpkin time round here....

so i am pretty sure Carsons favorite holiday is Halloween. (which my husband informed wasn't even a holiday). smart ass. i say it is.

You see both my kids are well dressed for bed in spooky pajamas. Via Carsons request his sissy had to have some too.

girl needs a bow, she looks way too much like Todd and Carson, kinda freaks me out!

mama and friend had a craft day. we turned these plain boring pumpkins into........

this amazigness

and o yeah my kids already have there costumes.

We are serious about Halloween this year. 

Kinda feel bad our annual Halloween Bash is kid free, na not really ;)


  1. Holy Moly! Those pumpkins are fabulous! We need a How-To, please.

  2. Halloween is TOTALLY a Holiday!!! :)

  3. Hah. The last line cracked me up because I wouldn't feel bad, either.

  4. Hollis is going to be that same cute little elephant!! Can't beat getting a Halloween costume at Costco!