Monday, October 29, 2012

Old Navy......Workout attire

I can't believe I am letting you in on my little secret. But hey I really love you all, and a bargain that looks this good I hate not to share.
 And is it just me or has workout gear taken over? I am not complaining because I love wearing it daily, especially since brands like ON have stepped up their game.

Click on the picture to send you to the link ;)

 And my shoes....... many of you have asked which are the best for running, training ect. Well look no further sistas, these shoes are amazing, and I have some funky feet. (not the smell). I just have a hard time with shin splints and sore calf's. With these babies  I have none of that.

Just so you know I am not full of BS, I harassed Todd to snap some photos yesterday.

If I had to make a call I would say ON runs big. (I weight 134 5'2) and I am wearing a small in all the above photos. Shoes are TTS I always wear a 6 1/2.