Monday, October 22, 2012

My babies have Colds..........

You guys my babies have really bad colds, so party pictures will have to wait.........BOO!!! Cause y'all it was a good time, a real good time. In true Hewitt fashion it got a little rowdy, but that in my opinion just makes it a little more fun.

Okay back to my sweet babies and there terrible colds.

Carson is fine,a little stuffy but he is OK.  

I used this bad boy in hos room and he was good to go.

also purchased on of these snotsuckers a few months back, and it is seriously amazing. If you have a baby you need one.

So on my list for Target today are the below three things, as I have heard they are great. But baby Tay was up all night, and could barley breathe to eat, so any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Germ free humidifier

So what do you guys do for your babies cold, and what products do I need to get today??

Thanks in advance

Love, one grumpy sleep deprived mom.