Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!!!!!!!!!!

As I sit here typing away with my coffee, I am watching Carson share his sucker with his sister. (what y'all don't give your kids suckers for breakfast)?? So no doubt I will have some jacked up kid/baby this Halloween :)

I love this night. number one reason getting to watch Carson get so excited and remembering that feeling as a kid.

So much fun.

It has been cold here too. So we bundled up and put on our hats. I love a baby in a hat.

 this was my son last night, when the UPS man dropped off a special treat filled box form Aunt Lizzy.
(yes he had a sucker for dinner too) Dont judge hehe!

Okay gotta run and get my little Spidey and Elephant ready for their Halloween Party.

Carson and I made these last night. Can you tell what they are??
(psst..... witch hat and broom)

Happy Halloween Love Bugs!!!!