Friday, October 5, 2012

Funny Friday....

Well since I have been so darn serious and getting all deep with y'all this week, I decided to lighten it up a little over here.

Day three of weaning is going great, I think I have seriously laughed more in the last three days than I have in the last four years.

Ya'll I think this all the time, being medicated I actually forgot how damn funny I am. Watch out World.

The last two pictures almost made me pee myself, so I knew I had to share.

And last but not least Todd just informed me for our Halloween Bash he is going to be a Chippendale dancer. He was kinda of joking (i think) but I pretty sure now that he has given me the idea he is going to have to go through with it. I also kindly suggested he be Magic Mike instead, because I kinda Love him.

(if your reading my blog today, sorry Dad)!

Just in case you have been deprived and haven't seen this goodness yet, here what I am talking about ladies.

Happy Friday Dolls!!!