Thursday, October 18, 2012

Friends and Family...... You know you want to......

Yep it's that time again Saks is offering 20% of some amazing good stuff! Promo Code FRNFAM2

Shall we talk about what I want/ need from the sale?

Yes lets do this.

All jokes aside I am ordering these today, as I hear they are even more comfortable than the Reva.

Do I need another phone cover? Well no, I don't but I sure would like this one. I just love the touches of pink.

Keeping it real with my Love for Lilly I must have this dress, hey 20% off, and Lilly is never on sale!

With the above top and the below skinny denim leggings this outfit would be simply amazing.

Best part these bad boys are only $128.00 with 20% off.

Okay ladies go get your shopping on, and I better go too, because if Todd sees this post before I hit checkout, it probably aint going to happen :)