Friday, October 12, 2012

Fridays confessions.........

Hi my name is Caycee and I am officially obsessed with Lululeomon. I even tried to buy a few cheaper pieces after my first lulu purchase, and nope no comparison. 

My favorite top is this one.

I have worked out 4 times a week every day for the last month, and have not lost one pound! Damit I am not expecting miracles here, but really not even a pound!?!?

My child (carson) is pretty much smarter than me. It freaks me out/kinda makes me proud. No seriously sometime I forget I am having a conversation with a kid. 

Miss Taylor beans is almost 6 months old, and has not slept through the night one time. I know killing me smalls!!!! But she gets a pass because seriously look at those lips.

And can I brag a minute on the sibling love my two have for each other. I am not gonna lie I kinda worried I had them too far apart, but I was wrong. She thinks he hung the moon and is all smiles every time she sees his face. And Carson is a complete mush when it comes to his sister. Plays with all the time, shares his lovely, and kisses her first goodbye everyday at school drop off. Melt.My.Heart.

I finally got the matching cow car seats for my babes. Is it sad it makes me giddy every time I put them in the car. 

And last, I had supper club Wednesday night. Good food, great wine, and even better company.
Forealz we laughed A LOT!!! Sadly I missed bunco last night. I was tired and Tay has a terrible cold.

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend!!


  1. I LOVE lulu too! I also work out 4x a week, with no real loss (also had baby #2 in May!) Unfortunately I think most fat loss comes from diet, and I am not quite willing to give up the vino:)

  2. I've never purchased Lulu because I'm scared I'll fall in love!!! Then, I'll have another obsession!! HEHE!!

  3. I NEED to get to lululemon! My workout attire is atrocious! Very impressed with your dedication to exercise! Too far apart? No way, you did it just perfect! Jealous of your supper club! Have a great weekend!

  4. That's a cute top! I've never tried lululemon.. I've wondered too, if it was worth all the hype.

  5. I'm obsessed with LUlu too! They have the best stuff!

  6. That last pictured made me laugh. Why was it so hard to get a clear picture at Ann's house?? Love lulu!

  7. I need to finally just go for it and get me some Lulu clothing! Love the pics of your two sweet!

  8. Ohhh I love that top, ever since you posted on insta. I love that brand, pricey but very worth it. Kids looks adorable. xx

  9. Cute pics! I love the little leopard print baby outfit!