Thursday, October 25, 2012


Holy I cry all the time now batman!!!!

I have been Zoloft free now for a week.

It's good. It was time. I feel better.

But I had kinda forgot how emotional I was. Is it weird that I  like the feeling of my tears rolling down my face? Yeah that sounded straight up creepy. But it's the only way I know how to explain it.

Not gonna lie I have had some crazy anxiety, but that is just me, I am an anxious person. 

But I have also had some real tender moments, that have made my heart flutter again.

I have decided to embrace it, it is ME after all. The Good and the Bad. It's Life.

Yesterday was a sad day. One of my dear friends lost her father Tuesday. They were at lunch together with her son. I can not imagine the pain. So please if you don't mind say a little prayer for my friend and her family.

(note I was grumpy cause the house was a mess and Tay was up a lot last night).
Then my Husband looked at me this morning and said, "we gotta get off the negative wave-link, Caycee we are blessed". Agreed. Love you Husband.