Thursday, October 25, 2012


Holy I cry all the time now batman!!!!

I have been Zoloft free now for a week.

It's good. It was time. I feel better.

But I had kinda forgot how emotional I was. Is it weird that I  like the feeling of my tears rolling down my face? Yeah that sounded straight up creepy. But it's the only way I know how to explain it.

Not gonna lie I have had some crazy anxiety, but that is just me, I am an anxious person. 

But I have also had some real tender moments, that have made my heart flutter again.

I have decided to embrace it, it is ME after all. The Good and the Bad. It's Life.

Yesterday was a sad day. One of my dear friends lost her father Tuesday. They were at lunch together with her son. I can not imagine the pain. So please if you don't mind say a little prayer for my friend and her family.

(note I was grumpy cause the house was a mess and Tay was up a lot last night).
Then my Husband looked at me this morning and said, "we gotta get off the negative wave-link, Caycee we are blessed". Agreed. Love you Husband.


  1. LOVE what your husband said to you. I am so much the same way - very anxious and tend to complain more than I should, ha - and my husband is so good at putting things in perspective for me.
    I came to your blog this morning to comment on your Zoloft post, I just wanted to say that I really admire you for being real on your blog. Way too many women want to paint a beautiful picture of their marriage, life, home, etc on their blogs when the truth is that, nobody's life is that perfect! So, good for you for being honest and open. It's made me a daily reader :)

  2. I cry all the time!!! Happy, sad, when talking about my baby girl, scared, hungry, too much get the picture. We can cry together!

  3. What a perfect little reminder from your husband! It's ok to cry when you feel any emotion, I know Zoloft probably made you so numb. You're doing great!